CBD Oil for Anxiety: Can it Help You?

Cannabidiol is considered to be a powerful remedy for anxiety. Also known as CBD, it is a derivative from the cannabis plant, containing only the positive aspects of the plant. Unlike THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD contains helpful scientific compounds that treat anxiety and panic without causing paranoia or a “high” feeling that THC does.

Considered a natural remedy for ant inflammatory effects, antipsychotics, and neuroprotection, CBD oil is quickly catching on as a means of protection against anxiety.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

As a treatment of anxiety, CBD contains all-natural compounds that act on the brain to reduce anxiety. Usually taken through an oral dose, CBD acts on the 5T1A agonist that reduces depression and anxiety. Cannabidiol has been shown to reduce activity in cell cultures that displace agonists within this grade, improving overall dopamine and serotonin levels. CBD has thus proven to be an effective way of treating these symptoms naturally.

Anxiety Can be Defeated

Panic attacks and generalized anxiety can cause crippling feelings of helplessness. Often times when someone struggles with anxiety, they fear that this is a “new normal” for them. Thankfully, anxiety can be defeated! With a combination of either natural cannabidiol oil supplements or prescription medications, you may be able to help control some of the symptoms that anxiety brings.

Remember: Nothing is a magic solution. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or deeply negative thoughts related to post-traumatic stress disorder, please speak with a medical professional. Help is available to you.

How CBD Works on the Brain

A number of pills, medications, and clinical products claim to reduce anxiety, but CBD does in an effective manner. This is through its ability to generate new neurons in the brain, particularly in the hippocampus. By creating cells in the neurological region of the hippocampus, it helps to stimulate growth of new neurons, reducing stress levels in the whole body. In addition, CBD is known to reduce anxiety through mu-opiod receptor activity, boosting overall GABA levels and dopamine transmission through the brain.

Positive Mood Boosting Effects

By reducing the activity of negative brain chemicals, CBD helps to keep the mind in good shape, warding off anxiety and depression. You will find that when using CBD as a remedy, you feel more positive about life in general, and better able to combat life’s daily challenges. It gives you a better outlook on life on the whole, simply by creating such enormous levels of serotonin and dopamine, which no other compound can do. And best of all, CBD does it in a way that is holistic and natural, requiring no outside chemicals to be effective. Particularly when taken in oil form, CBD is especially helpful.

Additional studies have shown that CBD receptors within the mind and body can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate. For this reason, CBD that is derived from natural, properly farmed hemp sources keep the fight or flight response at bay. Rather than responding to stressful situations with fear, you will be able to respond with confidence and strength.

Additional Benefits

CBD has other mood-boosting benefits, such as the reduction of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. It acts on the brain naturally, needing about one dose daily to be effective. However, the required dosage can depend on the individual the brain’s tolerance for the substance. A scientific study done in 2011 found that CBD worked to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and psychological stress in the respondents for the group.

CBD is even known to reduce the spread of cancer in the body, keeping tumor cells at bay by killing them off. It is considered to be a healthy substance anyone can take on a daily basis to boost overall mood and wellness.

Feedback on CBD

Users of CBD typically report benefits such as reduced stress, overall improvement of mood, and a strong reduction in anxiety. One user who took CBD on a regular basis reported that he felt like his old self again, not having the repeated panic attacks and stressful episodes he used to. Rather than responding to negative situations by panicking, he was able to concentrate and focus through the day so that he warded off depression naturally.

Another user found that her results from using CBD oil for anxiety were what she needed to restore her former sense of positive mood and energy. She had once been a cheerful, stress-free person, but life changes had caused her to be more susceptible to stress. After taking CBD through a natural vaping device, she found herself much better able to cope with daily issues.


CBD is an effective remedy for anxiety, wellness, and panic on the whole. Boosting a sense of positive energy, mood, and overall wellness, CBD is considered a holistic means of treating anxiety. It can be ordered online discretely and delivered right to your doorstep, or obtained through a doctor who treats in natural and holistic methods. When you start taking CBD for anxiety, you will likely notice a quid reduction in symptoms.

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