CBD Oil Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Doctors and other medical professionals have pointed out all of the numerous benefits of using CBD oil. If you’re looking to improve your sleep, reduce your anxiety, or ease symptoms from PTSD, CBD oil may be a fantastic solution for you. One of the lingering questions that people wonder, however, is “How much CBD should I take?”

The simple answer is: It varies.

CBD Oil Dosage

One of the products that a lot of people have used regularly over the last several months is CBD Pure. It comes in three strengths, 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg. Obviously, the higher the dosage, the less you need to take.

Depending upon the severity of what you’re dealing with, you can take a higher or lower dosage.

For example, my friend Linda has trouble with anxiety, but nothing too debilitating. She takes two drops of 300mg under her tongue every morning with breakfast. That seems to do the trick for her.

Another friend, Roger, suffers from PTSD with anxiety. He takes two drops of 600mg before bed each night, and that helped ease a lot of his insomnia issues.

I like to take two 100mg drops every morning to deal with some slight chronic pain that I struggle with (so I don’t have to depend on pain medicines daily). That seems to help me just fine.

Start Low and Increase
If you’re planning on experimenting with different dosage amounts, we recommend starting low and increase. So, start with a 600mg bottle and try one drop. See how that works for you. We recommend trying it before bed to see how your body reacts to it. If you slept well and noticed your symptoms were alleviated, then that may be a sweet spot for you. If you thought the effect was too strong, then drop down to 300mg and see how you feel with that. You can keep experimenting with 1 drop to 2 drops each time.

A good starting point is at 300mg. It’s right in the middle, so if you want a lower dosage, you can always switch to a 100mg bottle, and if you want a bit more, you just have to go up to 600mg. I have been a regular user of 300mg at nighttime, and 100mg in the mornings.

CBD Oil Dosage for Pets
Unlike humans, we recommend going the opposite. If you’re planning on giving CBD to your dogs or cats, I’d recommend starting with the 600mg bottle and working your way down to 100mg . You should be able to tell within 30 minutes of giving them drops how they’re reacting to it. Generally pets react well to CBD to help them improve their behavior due to anxiety or pain issues.

What’s great about CBD oil is that it’s non-psychoactive, so you don’t have to worry about feeling “high” when you take it. It’s perfectly fine to take in the morning or evening, with many people reporting that it helps them sleep phenomenally each night.

We recommend CBD Pure, because it’s made in the United States and is one of the only brands that uses a proprietary system to extract the purest cannabidiol for their product. We’ve been taking it forever, and it’s the only brand we endorse.

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