Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil Review

Elixinol Review

A quality supplier of CBD oil made form industrial grade hemp, Elixinol is quickly gaining ground as one of the top providers of CBD — or cannabidiol — on the market. CBD is currently one of the most effective, natural ways to relieve medical ailments such as anxiety, panic, stress, and even physical pain. Paul Benhaim, the co-founder of Elixinol, has been at the fore of the company for over 15 years. The top hemp experts in the world are now providing guidance to Elixinol, which is one of the reasons its CBD is so effective.

The People Behind Elixinol

Founded by a group of highly passionate industry professionals, Elixinol was created to bring the most quality education and awareness of how individuals can lead healthier lives using CBD, or cannabidiol, as part of a medicinal routine — or even as a daily supplement.

What’s in the Product

Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil drops are specially derived from hemp plants, made from the highest grade of CBD and combined with coconut oil for a gentle, pleasing effect. For each bottle, you will receive 300mg of CBD liquid.

Elixinol is safety verified, testing for heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pesticides. The company has truly set the standard for safety in CBD production.

Quality Control

Additionally, their quality is extremely high. Elixinol utilizes a special CO2 extraction process that contains a number of synergistic cannabinoids and essential oils, making it one of the highest quality compounds available on the market.

Elixinol is innovation verified, meaning that it has created one of the top oral applicators to protect against air pockets, wasting product, and UV. The product is one of the top innovation verified forms of CBD products available.

Elixinol utilizes a special super critical fluid extraction method to ensure that their CBD oil is of premium quality. The company uses state of the art equipment, compressing CO2 of upwards of 10k psi, which is more than 300 times that of car tire pressure. Using this method, the CO2 reaches a super critical status, possessing the qualities of both gas and liquid. This ensures that once it is released, it is recycled and leaves a highly concentrated extract of CBD that is more easily taken in by the body — and more effective at creating a sense of calm and well-being.

What You Receive

In each bottle of Elixinol Hemp Oil Drops, you will receive 300mg of CBD, containing a number of important nutrients to the body. One serving is suggested as a half a dropper, or .5ml, taken three times daily. The compound includes nitrogenous compounds, sugars, aldehydes, flavanoids, vitamins, water, and pigments, as well as alkanes and ketones.

User Reviews

Many users of Elixinol brand CBD oil find that it is extremely effective. One user said that he tried a number of other brands in the past, but this one was the most powerful at providing relief for his back complications. He has suffered from herniated discs, sciatica, and compression fractures, but Elixinol CBD has truly helped him overcome these struggles.

Another user found that Elixinol CBD is of higher quality than other brands he’s tried. The company’s bulk oils supply a number of other US brands, and have been tested for pesticides, microbiology, and heavy metals — and are all clear.

Why CBD?

Taken as a medicinal compound, CBD has a sedative effect, reducing paranoia, anxiety, and even memory impairment. Unlike regular marijuana, CBD will not get you “high” as it does not contain THC, the high-causing ingredient in cannabis compounds. For this reason, CBD appeals to a number of individuals seeking powerful remedies for pain and mental ailments.

CBD has been clinically proven to treat chronic pain, nausea, diabetes, PTSD, cardiovascular disease, and other similar ailments. It has also shown promise as a means of reducing tumor growth in mice, shown in a study done at the California Pacific Medical Center.

CBD is one of the key ingredients in cannabis, as one of more than 60 compounds typically belonging to a class of specific molecules called cannabinoids. It is non-psychoactive, and does not interfere with normal daily functioning. Medically, CBD is effective as an anticonvulsant, anti-oxidant, anti-depressant, and antipsychotic.


If you’re looking for an effective, gentle way to take care of pain, anxiety, and other medical problems you might be experiencing — or you simply want a powerful supplement that will help you have a more energetic and refreshing day — Elixinol CBD is a great choice. Made from the highest quality hemp in the industry, the brand is tried and tested, and has excellent user reviews and feedback.

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